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Physical Readiness Program

A Police Officer acts in the capacity to uphold the law and protect the public, which at times requires certain physical capacities. Officers need the ability to meet life’s daily demands, without undue fatigue, while maintaining sufficient energy to overcome emergency situations that may arise personally and professionally.

Studies have shown that physical readiness has a direct impact on job performance and can help protect officers from becoming victims. Physical readiness contributes to a higher level of overall health, reduces stress, and enhances personal wellbeing.

Studies have also shown that officers who incorporate a health and wellness plan are more confident about their ability to handle a job, they make better decisions about which level of force is appropriate, and it helps them relax and suffer less stress. A physical readiness program teaches officers techniques to relieve stress and provides nutrition and exercise guidance in order to maintain optimum health for the length of their careers and beyond.

The benefits of a physical readiness program provide for a workforce that can better handle the demands of the job and promote lifelong healthy habits. Statistics prove that due to a lack of physical readiness and wellness, the average lifespan of a male law enforcement officer after retirement is only between two to five years. We owe it to our heroes to better prepare them for their job and life after retirement.

As your Sheriff, I will implement a physical readiness program that focuses on health and wellness for all commissioned officers of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office with a structured reward system based on participation and performance.

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