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Mental Health

Here in Washington County we are being challenged by a growing number of calls for service involving people who have mental health needs. Our Officers and Deputies are usually the first responders to calls involving people experiencing a mental health crisis. These calls are complex, time consuming, scrutinized, and potentially dangerous for the officer and the person in crisis.

In rural communities like ours, available mental health resources can be lacking and officers are left with few choices. Law enforcement can’t address mental health needs on their own. It takes a team of trained professionals to connect people in crisis to needed mental health services.

Many law enforcement agencies have developed a Crisis Intervention Team and have adopted a partnership with mental health service providers in a cross-system approach known as Police-Mental Health Collaborations. This process better ensures that people in crisis receive the services they need.

As your Sheriff, I will work with my counterparts in government and in the private sector to align resources to better provide services for people experiencing a mental crisis.


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