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Expanded Office Space

As Washington County continues to experience growth in all sectors, the challenges that we will be faced with can best be summed up in one word, and that word is “more”. More people, more business, more traffic, and unfortunately more crime. All will require more services from your Sheriff’s Office and we need a leader who can implement cost effective initiatives to prepare for those challenges.

The size and functionality of our county facilities does not allow for the impending growth challenges, especially at the Sheriff’s Office. There is only so much office space to go around and building new facilities is getting more and more expensive. We already have buildings strategically placed in the county that were constructed for EMS which have office space for law enforcement personnel that is not being utilized.

As your Sheriff, I plan to utilize that space as substations or outposts to office Deputies. Doing this will relieve the people congestion at the Sheriff’s Office, and instead of building a new facility or renovating the existing space to accommodate personnel,  would be a no-cost to low-cost solution.

There will still be a need for a main Sheriff’s Office for administrative, investigative, evidence, records, and jail functions, but substations would allow for better response times, more community accessibility, and better visibility. The substations would not need to be elaborate, just enough space and equipment for the Deputies to do their job more efficiently and save operating expenses by traveling less miles.

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