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Courthouse Security Plan

The Texas Local Government Code, Title 9, Section 291.003 states that the County Sheriff shall have charge and control of the county courthouse, subject to the regulations of the Commissioners Court.

The most recent Courthouse Security Plan was completed in 2019, and to this date, there is still no personnel stationed at our courthouse for the security of county employees and members of the public who do business at the courthouse. This leaves, and has left the courthouse unnecessarily vulnerable.

The movement of prisoners is among the most hazardous duties in law enforcement. Securing safe transport of inmates from the county jail to the courthouse and return is a priority. Current methods place prisoners in unsecured public places both inside and outside the courthouse unnecessarily which could be mitigated by architecture and access control methods.  

As your Sheriff, I will take the security of our courthouse seriously and station personnel to be present when the courthouse is open for business and create a safer environment for inmates being transported to and from the courthouse. 


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